Day #11

Box #101

China closet items from IL move. These were never unpacked and the box was marked Office-Basement, like so many others in the Realtor-driven de-cluttering project. This box should have said Dining Room, and was lost to me for six years in the Bigelow storage room. It will be unpacked when we have a kitchen cabinet with glass doors. th-2

Box #102

VHS movies

Box #103

VHS movies. At one time, my youngest daughter could tell you exactly where each and every one of our 1000 movies–recorded three to a tape–would be found. Now, sadly, we know where they are, but probably will never see what took hundreds of hours to record, and hundreds of dollars to buy.  th-3

Box #104

VHS movies

Box #105

VHS movies

Box #106

VHS movies

Box #107

th-4  Coffee grinder. Ah, so that’s where that ended up. Probably no grinding till we have a kitchen.  Oh how we miss those weekend mornings in bed with our dark roasted French press coffee.

Box #108


Box #109

Mic’s stuff.

There was a time when this little collectible was joy itself for a little girl. Now he sits in a box forgotten. We do grow up. th-5

Box #110

Garage stuff. Battery charger.   Unknown-2

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