Day #12

Box #111

th   Oh goodie. I found the ground coffee I bought so that we didn’t have to find our grinder to do beans. Too late! I already had to find the grinder (thank you) and grind the beans for Sunday’s coffee. Saturday I used those bags of hotel coffee I seem to collect. It isn’t superior, like our Kirkland (Starbucks) beans, but it was OK for one day. Sunday was our delicious Kirkland. But, now, when I run out of what is in the grinder–at least I know where the coffee is.

Box #112

More New Yorker Magazines. Mary be prepared. I know, one at a time–or two??   steve-jobs-the-new-yorker

Box #113

Books. Cookbooks and children’s books. There are really a lot of these.

Box #114

Salad spinner.  salad-spinner

Box #115

Blendtec and its extra jar. Boy do I miss having my green smoothies.  th-1

Box #116

Clock radio. I didn’t realize my clock radio had a dock for my iPod. Now I have music in the entryway. How wonderful to hear Hillsong every morning.

Box #117

Purses. I wish I could remember where I put the sock box. The other trouble with opening all of these, is I am not telling myself where they are being stored, so I still have to look for them. A thousand is a lot of boxes.

Box #118

th-3  not this.

Unknown     Baking soda. I learned on You Tube that if you fill pantyhose with baking soda and sprinkle it on crabgrass, you can kill it without the Round Up or harsh, toxic chemicals. Then you wet it down with a mix of water, detergent and molasses. I will be doing this.

Box #119

th-2   Welcome mats. At Bigelow I would change the mat outside seasonally. Not sure what I should do here. It is still a major construction area.

Box #120

More garage stuff for Jay. Fire extinguisher. We have a big one of these, but not sure it is live.

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