Day #13

Box #121   th-5

This box counting idea is getting more and more difficult. Not only do I not really want to unpack all of these boxes since there is still no place to put stuff while we renovate 1000 sq. feet of 1600 sq ft., but now I need to RE-PACK some boxes in anticipation of spray foam insulation coming in, hope fully this week. Spray foam is toxic, and so I cannot have my “kitchen” out in the open, inhaling all of the poison fumes, which they say for 12 hours can be harmful. I don’t trust even covering my dishes, pots, pans and food with plastic.

Oh dear. So Box #121’s contents of condiments, vinegars, oils and other pantry items, will have to go into the entryway along with almost all of my other BEFORE  kitchen table (see items. And, I know I already had another box of vinegars and oils. What can I say. I forget how much supply I have. You never want to run out of Balsamic, right?

Box #122

th-4    Popcorn. Microwave and non-microwavable. I know I already had some in one box. We like popcorn.

Box #123

Games. Scrabble, Wahoo, Stratego, Risk.  RiskReinvented

Box #124

Towels. Kitchen dishtowels.

Box #125

Sheets. Other linens

Box #126

More books. Remember we moved 4,000 pounds of books from Illinois in 2008. Most of these have stayed in boxes. I have given a lot away.

Box #127

Unknown-2   Mic’s Owl collection.

Box #128

Peter’s files from high school. Wish I had his poetry and his novella from 11th grade. Maybe it’s here somewhere.

Box #129

Glass bowls. Vases. Frankoma.   Unknown-1

Box #130

Candles. Lots of candles.

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