Day #16

Storage Room move.

I think we moved in maybe 400 or so boxes from our move to CT from IL. So I was exaggerating when I said 1000. But if you count every bag, bin, box and other containers, it may have been many more than 400.

And, over the five years we were at Bigelow, we did clear out many of the books, clothes, and other items, paring down the box count to maybe something like 200–again not counting all of the other containers which I carried in my car to the river house.

So now that I have unpacked well over 100 boxes, and now that we just moved another 20 or so over from Bigelow today, I think I may not have 100 days of unpacking to do after all. It just sounded better in a blog heading, don’t you think. I mean 100 days, 200 boxes hardly sounds like a big deal at all.

So tomorrow, I will get back to letting you know what I am unpacking, or not.

Thanks for your comments, and your encouragement.

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