Day #2

Box #11

Booze  th

Box #12

More booze

Box #13

More? I tell you, we’re not big drinkers. Well, it’s all still there to prove it. But, maybe I am secretly hiding it so we don’t become big drinkers.

Box #14    8068992-a-drunk-man-lying-unconscious-on-the-floor

Plastic bags, travel tissues, French press scoop, paper products (cups, plates). It is clear I am not as organized as I believe myself to be.

Box #15

Spices, Nutella. How many containers of fennel seeds does one need? And do I need any if I have anise seeds?

Box #16


Box #17    Unknown

More cookbooks, and nutrition books.

Box #18

Tea and spices, We have a lot of spices and herbs.

Box #19

Macaroon bar mix. Coffee. Canned goods.

Box #20   th-1

New Yorker Magazines. These are for Mary. I was taking her one a month. I need to step up that program.

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