Day #3

Box #21


More spices. Lemon oil, walnut oil, avocado oil, olive oil, peppermint oil.  OK, just so you know, mice hate the smell of peppermint. So I got a bottle from Amazon to spray in the basement of the River House. There was a mouse nest. The house had been empty for more than a year. The peppermint oil solution did the trick.

Box #22

Office shelves. Yay! Found my devotional.

Box #23

More office files.

th-10Box #24

More olive oil. Garlic. Food. I am learning we have a lot of booze, a lot of spices, and an amazing number of bottles of oil. I never want to run out of olive oil, but really didn’t know I had five bottles going.

Box #25

First aid. Rubber gloves. Vacuum attachments. Hmm, so that’s where they are!

Box #26

More New Yorker magazines. I know.

Box #27  Unknown-1

Bathroom. “Do you know where my deodorant is?” he says. I didn’t. I do now. Hotel shampoos and soaps. These might be good if he needs to get a hot shower at the gym at work–since we don’t have one here yet.  You do learn a lot about a person from their boxes, don’t you!

Box #28

More spices. Cheese grater. I think when I get hot water, electricity and appliances, I will make a lot of spicy foods.

Box  #29

Thermoses. Is that thermii? Honey. Other condiments. Dear me, we do store a lot of those. I will pare down and not rebuy in this quantity again.

Box #30

Chopsticks, plastic ware. Just a small box.

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