Day #4

Box #31

This is getting tougher. Fun idea. A lot of work! But, really, 40 boxes in 4 days. I really should get a medal. Some of these sat in our apartment storage for FIVE years.

Found the kitchen box with the electric skillet. This means eventually, when the sewer leak is fixed, I can cook in something  besides the rice cooker, which I have to say has done Herculean duty as a min-crockpot that only takes 20 minutes. I make one-dish meals from brown rice, frozen peas and frozen salmon. Yum. Actually not bad.   th-11

Box #32

Yay! Jay’s desk. His stuff again, so I now have headphones, and stationery. (Remember, “e” for letter and “a” for at rest. :)

Box #33

Pantry. Cleaning supplies, ice cream maker, L.O.C. Wipes.

Box #34  Unknown-2

Utility kitchen drawer. Spatula, knives, cheese knives, etc. No where to go on these. They stay in the box for now.

Box #35

Bedroom. CD’s, DVD’s, clock radio, massage oil. Yeah, right. someday!  th-12

Box #36

Kitchen again. Under counter. Crocs, meat loaf pan, mixing bowls–we have too many of these too. Why?

Box #37

Shoes. Boots. Good to know where these comfy slip-ons are. Now if I only had my black pants. Where o where?  th-13

Box #38

Guitar Bag. Jay’s music and guitar strings and stuff.

Box #39

Office. External Hard Drive Back Up. My laptop keeps reminding me to do this. Now I may. CD external drive.

Box #40

Jay’s closet. Have to get these on his shelf. Not really room. They seem happier in the box. Or is that wishful thinking?


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