Day #5

Box #41

Cassette tapes. OK. I haven’t heard these since 1995. I don’t even know if I still have a cassette player. Yes there are memories. But, no I am not going to be listening to these any time soon. So they are going into the trash.  il_570xN.249220363

Box #42

My brother’s slides. These are at least 60 years old. I am not going to be looking at his slides of the Garden of the Gods, Bryce Canyon, or anything else in these boxes. I do not have a slide projector. I can take these pictures myself, or look at them online from other photographers. I am sorry to say, my brother’s excellent photography just isn’t important to me.  It’s a long story. I may write it as fiction someday. I may not. He is gone. They are now going to be gone too. Call me heartless, but they too will hit the trash.


Box #43

Books. It shouldn’t surprise me that the large majority of these boxes are going to be books. We moved 17,000 pounds from IL to CT and 4,000 were books. That cost $4,000. We will not be moving 4000 pound of books again. I will not trash these. I will give them away or put them back on shelves. But, there will not be this many ever again,  no matter how much I love them all. They are a piece of my life. They are memories. But they are also heavy,  in every sense of the word.

Box #44  th-15

Computer stuff. Old. We will remove the hard drive and throw the old computer away. And the old printer. And the old keyboard–well maybe not the keyboard. The old mice, the old cords. But the power strip we will keep, use NOW and find useful.

Box #45

Nigh table books and magazines. Jay’s Rifleman. Jay’s books.

Box #46

Various kitchen things. Spring roll wraps. I never did learn how to use these.  I do enjoy them in Vietnamese restaurants. I will have them there. Trash.  th-16

Box #47

Clock. Flour sifter. Shell soaps. Arm sling. Hmm. More evidence of the powers of disorganization. I think these were thrown in a box last minute maybe.

Box #48

Jay’s brackets. Garage tools. Yay!! These go into the garage, my respite for all things I DO NOT have to find a place for.  th-17

Box #49

Master bath shampoo, conditioners, soaps and such from the apartment.

Box #50  th-18

Old passport? 2007. Are you kidding? Jay’s desk.

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