Day #1

Day 1 September 1, 2014

Box #1

Children’s books.  th-5

“Do you have any fairy tales?” Aida asked me before we left Bigelow. I could only find one, but box #1 contained a few more, and many other stories, most of which I can’t give away because my children will want them.

Box #2

Office stuff.  cavalier5_calendar_print

Calendars with pictures of gardens, dogs, and also the high school papers my daughter left me containing an outline of the history of theatre. I don’t think we need these things. The dogs are cute though, and the gardens are pretty. I might save them.

Box #3  th-6

Cleaning supplies and paper products. Yes! Just what I need in a gutted house with no appliances and dishes packed.

Box #4 Jay’s stuff.Phew! Not my problem, not my job. His guitar music and biz cards. His job–after he finishes the electric, the plumbing, the heating manifold, the the insulation, the radiant tubing, the dry wall, installing flooring and cabinets, and whatever else is also his job. Oh phooey. Maybe his stuff is my job.

Box #5

Here I believed I was organized, but the contents of this box prove otherwise: business literature, snow shoes, towels, peroxide, matches, measuring cups. Who packed this one?

Box #6 Food.

The baking supplies from the cabinet over my loft microwave. Plus a grill brush, soap and our wine corkscrew (Yay! do we NEED this!).

Box #7 Food.

Box #8

Second bathroom medicine cabinet.

First aid and mouthwash.

Box #9 More first aid.  th-7

Are we that injury prone? Chips and sugar (which spilled). Box #10 Mardi Gras mask, hangers, supplements. Mostly close stuff. Not sure how vitamins got in that box.

Box #10 Closet stuff   th-8

Mardi Gras mask, hangers, supplements. Mostly closet stuff. Not sure how vitamins got in that box.

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