Day #9

Box #81

IMG_1258    Tea brick. We bought this in Las Vegas. It is literally a brick of pressed tea with decorative engravings. It is unique. That said, not sure why we bought it, keep it, pack it, move it. It is unique. It is a display item, not an item to be dismantled and used. I think this may be the form the Tea Party (original people) threw into  Boston Harbor.

Box #82

Stationery, stamps, address labels (now outdated). Throw these away, I tell myself.

Box #83

Crystal bowls, glass cutting board (Van Gogh tulips) and other glass bowls from sold dining room set.   th-2

Box #84



Rubber Ducky, hand-carved toy cars–Peter says he wants these. That’s code for: Please ship them to me at your expense Mom. They are wonderful memories, but expensive. I imagine they will be delivered one at a time on our trips to California in our free bags with Southwest.

Box #85

Jay’s shoes. He has been looking for these. They are one of two large boxes being used as support for a plywood table, with…

Box #86

th-5    Kitchen utility drawer inserts and assorted kitchen jars and bottles. Interesting that the online picture is so similar to my draw contents. Does this mean I am not the only homemaker with a messy, disorganized utility drawer in her kitchen?

Box #87

My Bible study ladies agree with me that some boxes need unpacking, and others need to wait for unpacking until their rightful place is established in our remodeled/renovated house. Jay told his boss we are “remodeling” our house–which I told Jay sounds like we are rich people putting in a new $20K kitchen or something. Well we may be doing that, but remodeling isn’t what I call this complete gutting of a first floor, new ceilings, new walls, new floors, new wiring, new plumbing. Jay is an understater. In South Dakota on the ranch, they have a torrential thunderstorm that wipes out half of everything and they say, “We’re getting some moisture.” See what I mean? So Box #87 are dishes and china closet stuff that will stay packed and safe for now.  th-4

Box #88

Wardrobe clothing–mine

Box #89

Wardrobe clothing–Jay’s

Box #90


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